About Nypaw

“Far too many children are witnessing the horrors of war: It is estimated that 1.5 billion children – two thirds of the world’s child population – live in the 42 countries affected by violent, high-intensity conflict between 2002 and 2006.

As young people who have endured conflict in our respective countries and who are all too familiar with the toll it exacts on children’s emotional, social, physical, psychosocial and academic development, we are determined to help children whose fate has been similar to ours regain their confidence and their lives.

Building on our own experiences, NYPAW seeks to speak up for the rights of all these children and to find concrete measures to prevent the use of children in war. We also hope to remind the world of how resilient children are when given the right support. We are bestselling authors, renowned musicians, and youth advocates who hope to serve as role models to all whose lives have been affected by violence.

We believe that it is of paramount importance to form a network of young people whose lives had been touched by war as children. Our role will be to continually promote the importance and need of combating the problems faced by children affected by armed conflicts. We come from all parts of the world and will work together to raise awareness using our experiences through educational and artistic forms. NYPAW members will work to serve as examples and role models to provide hope for children who are currently struggling to regain their lives after having been victims of conflicts. And lastly, this network will be a group that governments, UN, NGO’s, media, teachers, and others who are seeking to effectively support children in this capacity can turn to for realistic guidance and to facilitate the creation of successful and meaningful projects.

We represent the possibilities of children worldwide through our common resilience, and the potential of former war-affected girls and boys to participate in rebuilding their lives.”